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Online Driver

Too drunk to drive home? Connect to an online chauffeur!
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So you’ve had a few drinks and you’re too drink to drive home. With the addition of a webcam, computer and a few controls to your car you could just log on to a driver agency website and any one of their drivers could drive you home from the comfort of his living room. It should work out cheaper than a cab!
Stu, May 09 2003

Carrymehome.com http://www.halfbake...a/carrymehome_2ecom
[Shz, Oct 21 2004]

Self-Driving Car http://www.halfbake.../Self-Driving_20Car
[Shz, Oct 21 2004]


       I was thinking of this idea just he other night and was about to suggest it. It would be so much easier especially with verizon's wireless broadband card.   

       It would be also cool if you could just have one of your friends connect as well. Such fun!
hypergiaphobia, Sep 11 2006

       'too drink'? Sounds like you've had a few yourself. ;-)   

       This would be great, assuming the Internet connection didn't go down just as you're approaching a busy junction...
imaginality, Sep 11 2006

       If you still manage to get in an accident, who gets the ticket? You or your friend?
CaptainCrunch, Jul 11 2008

       No tunnels, please.
Cedar Park, Jul 11 2008


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