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Remote Snitcher

Report a drunk without even reaching for your cell phone
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As part of the MADD campaign to reduce drunk driving, manufacturers could easily create a small keychain device with a pushbutton and microphone. That keychain could interface with existing cellular and PCS sites nationwide, ringing up the local "Report a Drunk Driver" hotline with the press of a button. Simply press the button and snitch on the weaving maniac of your choice.

Of course, anonymity is a strong factor- most people do not report drunks simply because they don't feel like being a witness in court. With the MADD Remote Snitcher, you're just another anonymous snitch.. so long as they don't keep track of the ESN number.

Mr Burns, Jun 24 2002


       Whatever happened to probable cause?
bookworm, Jun 24 2002

       Bookworm: I've been pulled over, searched, breatholyzed and given the FST (field sobriety tests) before, simply because I drive a pickup truck in an area where the majority of drivers have Lexuses and Jaguars.. is that probable cause?
Mr Burns, Jun 24 2002

       Why not use that wonderful invention the telephone? Or do you just want the government to give you shit for free?
pottedstu, Jun 26 2002


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