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Party tube

No drunk driving, use the tube
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The party is great and you are in no shape to drive home, neither is the designated driver.

Old solution: You call a cab. Its expensive and you don't really remember where you live. You spend a fortune driving all over town trying to find a door where your key fits. Even if you make it home someone has to go back the next day to pick up the car.

New solution: Order a 6-pack of tubes (more as required). Each tube is about 3ft (1m) diameter by 7ft (2m) long and has a lining of soft, insulating, washable material. You crawl into a tube and sleep to wake up next morning refreshed just where your car is. The rental service picks up the tube later that day at its convenience.

It will be cheaper than a cab ride all over town and you can party as long as you want. Early in the morning trucks may already be cruising around the frat housing at universities so there is no wait. Deluxe packages include toothbrush, comb and Aspirin so you can go get yourself cleaned up on site (in the hosts bathroom) and go straight to work.

kbecker, Aug 08 2003


       Par-TAY! Does it fit a couple hunnees too? You could party inside the party tube.
DeathNinja, Aug 08 2003

       Does it come in nacho flavor? If so, big problem for dwarves, pets with this idea, if deployed too early at big party.
cloudface, Aug 09 2003

       aka a really big sleeping bag
chud, Aug 09 2003

       It was under 'Car: Drunk Driving,' so I imagined a weinermobile-looking thing with a dancefloor and a chaffeur.
motive power, Aug 09 2003


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