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A website where people post how to avoid things
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Want to avoid something listed on the website? Follow a guide on how to avoid it.

Avoid homelessness Avoid cancer Avoid drugs Avoid smoking Avoid alcohol dependence Bad feeling with your boss Bad feelings that you can reject

How do you avoid all these things?

Something you don't like? You should post it and get help on how to avoid it.

chronological, Sep 19 2022

How to avoid depression https://www.bing.co...+to+avoid+epression
Bing [a1, Sep 19 2022]

https://www.google....to+avoid+depression Google [a1, Sep 19 2022]

And for the next trick - ask Google to ask Quora https://www.google....id+depression+quora
[a1, Sep 19 2022]

https://www.google....d+depression+reddit Reddit [a1, Sep 19 2022]

https://www.google....ssion+stackexchange StackExchange [a1, Sep 19 2022]


       A website where people post how to ... do (or not do) ... anything? I think these exist in very broad strokes. First three that come to mind are Quora, Reddit, StackExchange. And that's just for getting what other people have said on your topic. Even Bing and Google will give you that kind of advice, though you have to sort through commercialized content.   

       I'll throw some test searches up and you tell me if they look like what you're after.
a1, Sep 19 2022

       To avoid obesity just eat less than you burn or excrete! To avoid poverty just make more money than you spend! To avoid homelessness just don't run out of money! To avoid cancer just have the right kind of body and avoid environmental risks! To avoid environmental risks just live in a bubble! It's all so simple.
Voice, Sep 19 2022

       To avoid condescension just...
...never mind, you probably wouldn't understand.

       Do I need to be less of a jerk?
Voice, Sep 19 2022

       Certainly not.   

       It's not you.
I just had that pop into my head the other day and have been eagerly waiting to use it.

       What can I say.
I crack me up.

       That was a good one. But you should probably use the sign that says "Joke Testing Range: no entry when flag is raised".
pertinax, Sep 19 2022

       Anyway ...   

       New Zealand   

       ... at least that seems to be the preferred answer of some of the world's wealthiest. With Mars as a backup plan.
pertinax, Sep 19 2022

       Uber-rich are only allowed here if they promise to share their $$ around. And NOT use it to meddle in local politics.
Unfortunately, I don't make the rules & "buying your way in" definitely happens.
neutrinos_shadow, Sep 19 2022

       How to avoid stupid ideas... close the HB tab
pocmloc, Sep 20 2022


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