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Pay by t shirt

A t shirt that has an embedded RFID or smartcard NFC chip in it that can be used to pay for things. The t shirt has a chip that has on it biometric information and an hashed account number. (So it's not enough to steal your identity) You go into a shop or restaurant and they scan your t shirt, and you enter a password and do a biometric ID check to pay for things.
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I hate carrying around a wallet or various things that can be stolen from me.

A bank card is valuable due to the information printed on it. It's enough to pay for things online. It's not encrypted except for in the smart card.

An phone with an app with loaded bank cards is also something that can be stolen.

I'd like to carry as little as possible and debts to be created by scanning and entering in a password into a smart phone or POS device. Easy, effortless and secure payments.

The t shirt only stores the account number and biometric information and is not enough by itself to do a payment.

Theft of t shirts is so rare and there wouldn't be much value in the stolen t shirt as it cannot be spent by others. Win win surely?

chronological, Aug 09 2022

Per [A1]'s anno. Credit_20card_20in_20your_20thumb
[whatrock, Aug 09 2022]

Options! https://www.thalesg...ontactless/wearable
There are a whole host of RFID wearables available [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 09 2022]

No shirt, no problem https://arstechnica...int-based-payments/
nothing to carry, wear, or implant. [a1, Aug 10 2022]

VivoKey https://www.vivokey.com/
What I mentioned back on Aug 9. [a1, Aug 21 2022]


       Why not embedded in your palm? RFID and NFC tags in textiles are WKTE, but embedding a biometric identity system into a shirt - to make sure the OWNER is the WEARER would be a bit trickier.   

       Theft of hands is even rarer than theft of clothing.   

       EDIT: Link added 21 August
a1, Aug 09 2022

       I think it might be rather iffy if you are one of those guys who is so darn sweet that you are frequently giving strangers the shirt off your back.
blissmiss, Aug 09 2022

       I should clarify. The t shirt stored the biometric data that the hardware you interact with reads. Or it is associated with the encrypted/hashed account number and stored on remote servers.
chronological, Aug 10 2022

       DIY version: stitch the bank card securely into a pocket so that it can't be removed.
pocmloc, Aug 10 2022

       Would a suitably-coded shirt be dry clean only, and would it pay for itself?
whatrock, Aug 10 2022

       Or for the simpler version:   

       - your T-shirt has a great big QR code with your account code and identity confirmation authority (It's much easier to authenticate someone specific, versus running biometric recognition against millions of people)   

       - you are identified by biometric match of face and other physical characteristics   

       - presented with a request for payment, you signify acceptance or rejection by gesture and/or by saying something. Voiceprint recognition and/or gesture recognition determine the outcome of the transaction.
sonam, Sep 20 2022

       Or, your t-shirt is printed with a unique token code, so that the shirt itself has a face value of say £10. You go to the supermarket and your total is rung up, you take off your t-shirt (maybe you need to be wearing more than one on top of each other for higher value purchases) and hand it over to the cashier. They can give you back socks as loose change.
pocmloc, Sep 20 2022

       "The kidnappers demanded payment in used t-shirts with non- consecutive serial numbers."
pertinax, Sep 20 2022


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