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Opposite Hour

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All of my attempts to make Opposite Day a true, 24-hour holiday have been met with failure and the shame of my family. So I've decided to trim the fat and cut off about twenty three hours, and leave only 1:00AM - 2:00AM left, but make it a part of every day.

This hour would be a great laugh at sleep overs, late-night cab rides, clubs, and would bode well with antsy drug addicts who are still awake and insomniacs who like to gather in groups.

notmarkflynn, Mar 15 2006


       //enery day//= every day? ornery day? energy day? Hard to imagine that any of the alternatives would be either fun or novel.
jurist, Mar 15 2006

       I thought opposite day was only used by kids who didn't want to do what they were told?
wagster, Mar 15 2006

       I really don't understand this - 1 AM to 2 PM is (ignoring daylight saving transitions) a gap of thirteen hours. Were you quite sober when you wrote this [/markflynn] ?
What [IT] said.
coprocephalous, Mar 15 2006

       I'm sorry,I thought we were all familiar with the childish event of Opposite Day. Should a daring soul chose to declare a day Opposite Day, he would go through the entire day saying the contrary to what he means, deciding on his own just how much of the sentance to change. Example:   

       (Normal) I'll have a glass of water, thank you. (Simple Opposite) I won't have a glass of water, no thank you. (Difficult Opposite) You lost an uncontained flame, and may god damn you to hell.   

       In the first opposite, negatives were added, giving the sentance the opposite of the intended effect. In the second, even the nouns, verbs, tenses, and pronouns were made the opposite, completely altering the sentance.   

       All in all, this is something that immature kids/adults do. I wanted it to be a sort of witching hour where you could only speak in opposites just for laughs.   

       As to my grammar, I was in a hurry, get off my case.
notmarkflynn, Mar 15 2006

       Goodbye, Since I don't like this idea, I have not given it a fishbone. Hello.
DarkEnergy, Mar 15 2006


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