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Running of the bulls/Tomato throwing festival combo

San Fermin meets La Tomatina
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They should merge these two odd Spanish events. It would make both more interesting.
globaltourniquet, Apr 28 2001


       I'd rather see them sundered again into the 'Running of the Tomatoes' and the 'Throwing of the Bulls'.
Monkfish, Apr 29 2001

       Running of the Tomatoes was featured in Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
thumbwax, Apr 29 2001

       Buffalo Pizzas all round!
deaddodo, Apr 29 2001

       Do I sense some throwing of the bull going on right now? No? Oh, well it's just me then.
Dog Ed, Apr 29 2001

       i'm guessing that thing about bulls running when they see red would insert an interesting aspect into the whole day.
sbEr_X, Feb 09 2004

PinkDrink, Aug 02 2004

       I thought hitting the bulls with rolled up newspapers was enough to get them mad. But hey, it's the chasees life. +
swimr, Aug 02 2004


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