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Pro rata Mother's Day

Pro rata Fun-day for Mothers
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We've all got a mother, and she should be fussed-over - but, as my own pointed out, there is no Grandmother's Day, Great-Grandmother's Day or, for those very very lucky few Great-Great-Grandmother's Day.
So I'm putting forward a scheme, superimposed on the usual Mother's Day (see WIKI Link), to celebrate them.
The idea is that more children a woman has and the longer she's had them counts towards when the celebrations begin for her.
For example. a woman who's just given birth to her first child the day before Mother's Day should only celebrate the last 5 mins of the Day.
Whereas a Great-Great-Grandmother who had 10 children, her first child in her teens (say) should start celebrating at 00:01 in the morning - other start-times vary on a pro-rata scheme weighted by age, longevity, number of children, grand children, great-grandchildren.
Dub, Mar 12 2011

WIKI Mother's Day http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mother's_Day
[Dub, Mar 12 2011]

National Grandparent's Day http://en.wikipedia...al_Grandparents_Day
[Dub, Mar 12 2011]


       Thing is, Motherhood is a binary condition. You either are one, or you're not. It's all dependent on whether you have successfully Mothed. The current tithing system does already provides a progressive payout that should benefit steadfast, repeated, and Grand Mothers.
zen_tom, Mar 13 2011

       [Simpleton], nice. Perhaps it will encourage mothers to bare fewer criminals / criminals to be more efficient and not get caught.
[zen_tom], thank you for stating so succinctly the General Theory of Motherhood. I stated that this overlays/superimposes the current system. As you rightly point out, it is a binary condition, but without offspring who else would celebrate? I'm not advocating people celebrating someone else's Mother - just their own. So as the Special Theory of Motherhood states in the cases where people without Mothers would like to celebtrate; "Test-tubes don't play dice".
Dub, Mar 13 2011

       I whole-heartedly agree with the your entire annotation... save for the unnecessary prefix on the 120th word.
MikeD, Mar 14 2011


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