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Tape Measurer Bubble Gum

hopefully endorsed by Bubble Tape
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You know Bubble Tape, the 6 foot strand of gum that comes in a tape dispenser? You could improve on that by putting food coloring on the gum (see link) like a tape measure, with ticks for each inch, as well as inch and foot numbers. Imagine the possibilities:

"DAMN, I can't find a tape measurer! I need to measure your height!" "Um, sir, I have one in my pocket." "Sour apple, yum!"

Nemmy, Apr 11 2005

Nibble Notes http://www.candywar...se/nibblenotes.html
Uses food coloring for text on the candy. [Nemmy, Apr 11 2005]

Bubble Tape http://www.bubblegum.com/bubbletape/
The Bubble Tape site. [Nemmy, Apr 12 2005]

Whistle Bubble Tape http://www.candyfav...ubble-blow-whistler
Speaking of bubble tape, this gum is awesome. When I was younger at baseball games bubble gum was something every player had. And, during my lengthy time on the bench I went through the pouches of bubble gum and even bubble tape. Oh, how I wish they had this when I played. This bubble tape is a whistle too, so during the cheers on the sidelines it would have been perfect. [candycandycandy, Mar 22 2011]


       However, those three or four places on Earth that still use feet and inches house over 400 million potential consumers. Therefore, market size doesn't seem to be the problem. The problem is deciding whether to recoil the gum into the dispencer or distribute it to everyone around you after you realize you have 4 1/2 feet of gum in your hand because you wanted to measure your kid's height.
ORISIS, Apr 12 2005

       Comes with a metric version, also!
Nemmy, Apr 12 2005

       Sounds like a good marketing gimmick, even if it wouldn't be useful. Bubble Tape should go for it.
whippinggas, Apr 12 2005

       Yeah, it would be fun, as a kid, I always made games out of guessing the length of things and then measuring them. It became a sort of obsession, I was bored alot...
daseva, Apr 12 2005

       is bubble gum stable enough to use for a callibrated thing like a tape measure?
-wess, Apr 13 2005

       This would go very well with the existing "mad scientist" theme in candy. My guess is that it isn't being done because tape measures are used on other objects, and putting something on the floor and then into kids' mouths turned some adults off. But - not sure.
jutta, Apr 17 2005

       //I always made games out of guessing the length of things and then measuring them.//   

       I bet you did! Sounds Controversial and Trashy.
disbomber, Apr 17 2005


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