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Orchestra Cell Phone

Create louder and better music with multiple cell phones synchronized to play the same music
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Cell phones are commonly used for listening music. But they are good only for personal listening as their dynamics are small in size. If you are in open air or in a big room where you want to listen music and party with your friends a single mobile phone's capacity will not be enough.

My solution: A brand (like Nokia, Motoralla) can add a function of "synchronization" to their mobile phones which will work through bluetooth. This will allow several mobile phones to play the same song at the exact same time so the music will be louder and better quality. This function can also divide the music between mobile phones, for example one phone can play the bass sounds, the other a specific instrument. This can also give a feeling of an orchestra.

An objection can be made saying people can start the same song at the same time without this function.. but it doesn't work. (I tried) It is difficult (if not impossible) starting to play exactly at the same time, even differences of miliseconds felt. People are not able to press the botton at the same time and I guess because of inside electronics there is always a slight difference.

Assume a group of 100 people went hiking and 20 of them has the same brand mobile phone, they want to listen music and all set the same song (which can be transfered in advance from phone to phone by bluetooth) and they select the option "start in 30 seconds with others" and all the phones start to play the same song at the same time.

Assume people in a stadium, say 10 thousand people play the same music at the same time..wouldn't it be fun?

I think it is easy to add this and it may help the cell phone companies to sell more phones.

can1073, Nov 26 2007

Alternatively Ghetto Phone
Get one of these. [theleopard, Nov 26 2007]


       sp. synchronize
pertinax, Nov 26 2007

       //Create louder and better music// Louder yes, better no. The main problem is due to have very small speaker cones (essentially). You need larger cones in order to generate better sound quality.   

       Judging by the kind of music people play on their phones, I worry this would be a very bad idea!
vincevincevince, Nov 26 2007

       Thanks for your comment Vince. I think the bad quality sound is mainly because people turn on the volume to maximum. When the phone plays in lower sound levels the sound quality is much better. Multiplying this middle sound level by use of many phones will mean better quality sound in total.   

       Some fun applications can also be made. For example, people gathered together can put the song they want to play in line and the song which gets the most vote will be played in all the phones. This may create a community soul, a sense of sharing..
can1073, Nov 26 2007

       //which can be transfered in advance from phone to phone by bluetooth// ... I can see major copyright issues there
vincevincevince, Nov 26 2007

       Copyright is not an issue, adding additional capacity does not create a violation.
can1073, Nov 26 2007

       The ability of a group of people to agree on anything is inversly proportional to the number of people in the group.
nuclear hobo, Nov 26 2007

       Nuclear hobo, I suppose say a group of students sitting around a camp fire may well agree on which song to play. In case of disagreement voting can be done.. in this song you support your friend and at the next turn she supports you so your song plays. Competition for which song to play can also be fun.   

       Group can also select (either random or by turn) a DJ who will decide which song to play.   

       Some fun applications also can be added. For instance a song starts playing from each phone when two people (they may even not know each other)gets closer who elected that song as their favorites..This will create new means of communication and making friends.   

       This can be a marketting nieche for telephone companies.
can1073, Nov 26 2007

       bun. only read your title and discription, but BUN
evilpenguin, Nov 26 2007

       Many mobile phones these days have built in FM radios; mine does and it works via a 3.5mm socket or in loudspeaker mode. I often listen to the Archers on it.   

       By using an FM transmitter that plugs into an MP3 player, it's possible to set up a micro radio station with a range of about 30 feet.   

       With a bit of fiddling around you could arrange for one person to broadcast something to be received by others within range. People at the edge of the 30 feet radius could arrange to re-broadcast what they receive using another FM transmitter on a different frequency. Repeat as necessary.   

       It might even work.
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 26 2007

       Consider MIDI polyphonic music. This would be much better if each phone in the cluster were assigned a particular instrument to play. Moreover, use positioning technology in the phone to assign instruments based upon geographical location.
ed, Nov 26 2007

       Yes Ed, playing MIDI music by assigning different instruments to each phone would be great.
can1073, Nov 27 2007

4whom, Nov 27 2007


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