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Mobile with signal jammers

to deliberately misguide callers
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requirement: to ensure that the caller hears 'unable to reach' when they try to call

A small version of signal jammer is inbuilt in the phone. Just long press a designated button to activate jammers.

And another long press to deactivate.

ravi kris334, Jul 18 2013


       hey- shut your phone off.
xandram, Jul 18 2013

       xandram: then it says - 'phone is switched off'...but that's not what we want the callers to hear
ravi kris334, Jul 18 2013

       Say "Oh, what? Sorry,the signal here is so bad" (rustle brown paper bag), thence into the mylar foil bag, then you can honestly say it wasn't switched off..
not_morrison_rm, Jul 18 2013

       My phone doesn't say that, it just goes to voicemail, but now I understand your point. I'll give a scrambled bun!
xandram, Jul 18 2013

       Okay, so why bother with the paper bag? When caller ID shows the person you don't want to talk to (or the conversation gets boring), just drop the phone into the mylar bag. You can accurately tell them later that your pone lost the connection, and if the phone system reports that type of thing, it will confirm that for you.   

       BTW, make sure you get a good mylar bag. I tried an ESD bag, and it only took one bar off my signal.
scad mientist, Jul 18 2013

       //Say "Oh, what? Sorry,the signal here is so bad" (rustle brown paper bag), thence into the mylar foil bag, then you can honestly say it wasn't switched off..//   

       Or you could get a Verizon iPhone, and the signal really will be so bad that no-one can reach you.
DIYMatt, Jul 18 2013

       How can the base station tell the difference between a phone that is powered off and a phone in a faraday cage?
pocmloc, Jul 18 2013

       Because “powered off” is really just a low power state where the screen and most of the processor functions are disabled, but the NSA-mandated microphone and continuous audio transmitter still function.
ytk, Jul 18 2013

       And if you take the battery out, be sure to unscrew the circuit board and remove the secondary battery as well. It's disguised as an LCD, but LCDs are really so thin now days that most of the display thickness is actually the secondary battery.   

       And just because your iPhone says it doesn't have reception doesn't mean that the NSA doesn't still have a good connection. Actually, In a pinch, if you need to take advanatage of that extra signal reserved for the NSA, there's a special phrase you can say. Once the NSA computers interpreted what you said they will enable your phone to use the extended range. Of course it's meant for official NSA use only, so generally it wil only work once per phone. Anyway just say, "   

       @#$% whenever I type it my backspace key starts getting triggered. I better stop now and go find my tinfoil hat.
scad mientist, Jul 19 2013

       //@#$% whenever I type it my backspace key starts getting triggered//   

       Ctrl + Z
DIYMatt, Jul 19 2013

       I typed ctrl + z, but nothing happens. Does this mean the NSA haven't bugged my phone?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 19 2013

       On the contrary—you only need to worry if the NSA has suppressed Ctrl+Z for you. Keep your eyes peeled for flying drones, and try not to stand next to anything too valuable.
ytk, Jul 19 2013

       If you power off a phone when it has service it sends the network a handshake that says, in essence, "im getting legit shut down here (or my battery has run low) don't look to push any data to me until I tell you I have turned back on. This suspends data push requests and other network use for receivers that are not in service until they send the network a "i'm back!" handshake.
WcW, Jul 19 2013


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