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Organ Exchange

Proposed specification for donors and prospective receipients
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I've just been watching a TV program about organ donation, and about the complex (and time consuming) process that goes in to matching organs, and I (falsely) assumed that what I'm proposing already exists.
Basically a complementary set of RDF specifications for donor organs and potential recipients, thereafter intelligent web-agents can match organs based on any criteria (normally geographical distance, need, age etc.) that the doctor's decide.

Especially as it seems that there's a large co-dependency on organs (e.g. surgery can't begin until all organs, some of which need cross matching, has been completed).

I'm thinking something like:
<Donor> <GUID>213434343</GUID>
<blood group>A+
<contact_phone>+61431970221 </contact_phone>

<blood group>A)</bloodgroup> <age>62</age>
<location_ICBM>-55.33 ,42.544 </location_ICBM>
neilp, Dec 30 2004

P2P organs P2P_20global_20organ_20auction_20house
a bit like this, only more thought through, not P2P and not for profit. [neilp, Dec 30 2004]

where are you http://www.brainoff...blog/resources.html
what's your ICBM long/lat. [neilp, Dec 30 2004]

ICBM means http://www.acronymf...=exact&Acronym=ICBM
[FarmerJohn, Dec 31 2004]


       How many organ donors own an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, and wouldn't they want to keep its location secret from everyone?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 30 2004

       [Absinthe].. ICBM is a standard way of indicating a location... I think you knew that..
neilp, Dec 30 2004

       [neilp] No, I didn't - what does it mean, and how is it specified? Lat/long? Grid? Zip code?
And where does radio direction finding come into the idea?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 30 2004

       [Absinthe], yeah, ICBM just uses latitude and longitude, hence its use in pinpointing a place on our planet. The reason for including it here is that one of the principal criteria for matching donor and recipient is how far apart they are geographically.
Case in point, in program i was watching, the guy spent 8 hours trying to find someone who wanted a kidney, only to find someone in the hospital the organ was already in..
neilp, Dec 30 2004

       Hammond B2 for......
normzone, Dec 30 2004

       The donor’s organ wouldn’t be of much use if located by missile. Then again, there would be more organs available. ;-)   

<ready>// This wouldn’t normally be known.

       //200501021030// Heh.   

       I like the intent, and I’m a registered donor, but I don’t like the idea of having personal information associated with my donor registration. They can find it easily enough.
Shz, Dec 30 2004

       "Well, 43894372894, we have two crappy donor kidneys, and they're both yours. Or, just give us the liver now, d'ya mind?"
reensure, Dec 31 2004

       so can we have your liver then?
Zimmy, Dec 31 2004

       location ICBM?   

       Location: InterContinental Ballistic Missile?
DesertFox, Dec 31 2004

       Second (e)motion for a Hammond B2.
mensmaximus, Dec 31 2004

       Seems like a good idea to me. If potential donors were skittish about privacy (and rightly so!), nothing need be entered for them until they die. Finding recipients is the important thing, and I am sure recipients would be happy to log this info.
bungston, Dec 31 2004


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