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microsurgery crystals

magnetic bead surgery guides a bead around the brain then jiggles it to perform surgery; with this idea a crystalizzable material is created at just the right spot then jiggled magnetically
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magnetic bead surgery guides a micro bead around the brain then jiggles it to perform surgery[link] I think that magnetic crystals can be grown near the right area to surgery

I'm enthusiastic about brain surgery as a result of viewing the limbic system video at youtube [link]

there are a few choices to create the microcrystals ferrites or conductive polymers that can be nduced to carry a current I think a conductive dendritic polymer could be made that gunks up or accretes only where there is a precise beam of either light, sound, or just possibly the right frequency magnetic field

the rest of the bloodstream would essentially ignore the polymer which would build up a vibratable chunk at just the right area

dendritic polymers look like koosh toys

an eversion dendritic polymer that looked kind of like a "water weenie" could evert to be either a drug or an accretive microsurgery crystal; preeversion it could have a physiologically calm protein surface

beanangel, Oct 18 2007

magnetic bead surgery http://www.engadget...eruse-your-innards/
[beanangel, Oct 18 2007]

The video that makes me want to have brain surgery http://www.youtube....watch?v=T7nXiXQb2iM
[beanangel, Oct 18 2007]


       From the video: The four F's are: feeding, fighting, fleeing and sexual behaviour.
zeno, Oct 18 2007

       How does growing a crystal help? I though the general gist of brain surgery was to _remove_ lumps of stuff?
Texticle, Oct 18 2007

       I think I'd feel much better about the idea if it were first proven in use as lithotripsy.
lurch, Oct 18 2007

       If you grow the crystal where you want it you do not have to traverse other stuff to get the crystal where you need it. Traversing it will make a hole in it, and you might need it later for thinking.
bungston, Oct 19 2007

       <removes hat respectfully...> [+]   

       <...then fingers scalp thoughtfully>
pertinax, Oct 19 2007

       You'd have to get this across the blood- brain barrier to begin with. If it's of any relevance, if you apply a moderate electric field to micron-sized magnetic particles in solution, they tend to aggregate.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 19 2007


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