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medical monikers

all artists should sign their work
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it seems to me that everything artistic should bear the signature of the artist.

Bristolz’ signature – bz
FarmerJohn’s signature – jrv combo-thing
Mr ‘I am no bris’ Pottedstu’s signature - pottedstu
as are 8th’s and General Washington’s etc . (come back GW all is forgiven)

these are as distinctive to the halfbakery regulars; as distinctive as Leonardo and Picasso and Dali’s are to the art world.

of course the art critics would have us believe that they can recognise an artist by their style, their brushstrokes, the amount/thickness of paint etc etc <yeah, pull the other one it has bells on>.

turn your attention to the medical world. surgeons, everyday – world wide, create masterpieces of art, the canvases themselves possibly unseen to the world yet vital to the patient. living, breathing, moving works of beauty. surgeon – leave your signature on that heart, that lung, that liver and those bones and ears. leave your mark, a nifty little tattoo of stitching and scarring. dentists – inscribe your initials on every crown.

on a more macabre level, corpses requiring medical evidence of identification could resort to a data base of signatures of medical practitioners.

po, Feb 07 2003

"Doctor put alma mater's initials on uterus" http://www.cnn.com/...uterus.branding.ap/
Not a great idea, it seems. [waugsqueke, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       re: link. before removing organ? some people are unduly sensitive.   

       lawyers? do they count as artists?
po, Feb 07 2003

       lawyers? do they count as humans?
rbl, Feb 07 2003

       Being an organ donee (cornea, only marginally an organ of course), I am rather grateful my surgeon did not stop to carve his initials on my eye.   

       However, I'm going to denounce this as lifted from the pages of the Hitchhiker's Guide - Zaphod Beeblebrox left his initials on a closed-off-portion of his own brain.
DrCurry, Feb 07 2003

       not *lifted* from anywhere, [DC] (surprised you would say that)   

       I was inspired by a number of grizzly discoveries in London recently and I was personally contacted by the boys in blue with regard to one found in the Thames.
po, Feb 08 2003

       You wrote *po* on the cadaver?
thumbwax, Feb 08 2003

       it was a forgery.
po, Feb 08 2003

       I was thinking of posting something similar for architects. Great minds... croissant.
my face your, Feb 08 2003

       I believe it is traditional for builders to inscribe something in the cement.
po, Feb 08 2003

       I had one surgeon tell me he could tell who had operated on me in the past from the scar that I was left with, but he may have cheated and read my notes
oneoffdave, Feb 08 2003

       I'd love to do this with my work, but sadly F*rd (main customer) policy is not even to allow the supplier's logo on parts, thus maintaining the illusion that they themselves design and make everything to do with the car. Any chance for individual expression is therefore limited. Still, at least I'm allowed to sign off the drawings.
egbert, Feb 08 2003

       I tend to leave highly distinctive craters ......
8th of 7, Feb 08 2003

       //lawyers? do they count as artists?// con artists
thumbwax, Feb 08 2003

       // lawyers? do they count as humans? //   

       You don't expect us to take us to take you seriously after that do you, [rbl] ?   

       Of course they don't.
8th of 7, Feb 08 2003

       //as distinctive as Leonardo and Picasso and Dali’s are to the art world.//   

       I'd like to think that certain surgeons are like that too - the sheer quality of their work is signature enough.   

       When I am cold, lying on the cold table being inspected by the coroner, I hope he raises an eyebrow and mutters appreciatively:
Coroner: "Wow - This is something special: vintage 'Finn'."
Assistant: <in awe>"Look at the way the tissue has been caressed into place.."
Coroner: "Yes - but you have to look at the stitches he *didn't* make. This boy was so lucky to be part of this, this genius saved his life - and its so lucky for us that he drowned in a pool of custard, preserving him perfectly".
Jinbish, Feb 10 2003


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