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Our Glass

waiting time
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“Wow, I knew O’Hare was large, but this waiting room is huge! Why’d you lead us to this one? It said it takes an hour before we clear our gate, and there must be thousands of passengers crowded in here.”
”Yeah, exactly an hour – about a half hour on this side of the security passage and the rest on the other side in front of the gates – and yes, they let exactly 3600 people into this semicircular hall.”
”And we’re all waiting to go through that small corridor?”
”Right, the traveler and bag security checks are very efficient and allow one person per second through the narrowest part into a similar hall.”
”Well, I’ll do my part to lower the terrorist risk. Hey, is that why there’re cameras on the ceiling filming us?”
”Yes, but the main reason is we’re being seen all over the world on the Our Glass site. If that spotlight shines on us up, look up and wave, cause you’ll be in a closeup.”
”Wait, you mean this is my 15 minutes of fame, four times – but why?”
”You see we’re in a giant hourglass counting time for the web audience. You’re lucky we got in. This is quite popular and it’s only done here once a day.”
”Okay, so the other 23 hours?”
”At seven o’clock it’s shifting to a rock concert queue in Sydney, and later EuroDisney and the Athens Olympics under gigantic plastic domes.”
”Will they have this in Stockholm when we’re coming back?”
”No, they tried it, but everybody stood politely in one long line.”
FarmerJohn, Aug 24 2004


       So I'm queuing purely for other people's pleasure??   

       What happens if someone falls ill?   

       What happens if someone doesn't go through the gate when they could -- say - the last person. Are they forced?   

       I don't want to watch close-ups of some guy standing in a queue. Then someone else. It sounds boring.
britboy, Aug 24 2004

       Elegant. +
grip, Aug 24 2004

       Just start tilting the floor once almost everyone's through. That'll get the stragglers.
Worldgineer, Aug 24 2004

       I had to read it twice, but, cool+
swimr, Aug 24 2004

       It's like reality, but with a purpose. And cameras.
Worldgineer, Aug 24 2004

       Bravo, Clock Master.
jurist, Aug 24 2004


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