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Sex Pistols Plant Feeding Holiday Cuckoo Clock

get Johnny Rotten to feed your prize plant
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Instead of a cuckoo, at the appointed hours during your holiday, a small Johnny Rotten head emerges from inside the clock, and gobs out a jet of sticky goo, which shoots across the room and lands on the soil of your carefully positioned potted plant.

This goo is a plant feeder mix, and is sold separately.

At other times and with minor adjustments, Johnny Rotten can be re-aimed, re-filled and timed to shoot out blobs of honey that splat down on your breakfast toast.

Not to be used for gobbing unto unwelcome guests.

xenzag, Aug 04 2019


       Well this is just gonna work hand in hand with my flow-hive system.   

       Isn't the esteemed Mr. Rotten the gentleman who now appears in tweeds advertising Country Life butter?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 06 2019

       Everyone on the Halfbakery loves a good clock idea. I'll use this to add a splash of milk to my cup of tea.
hippo, Aug 06 2019


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