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Outdoor Air Scents

Makes Good Scents
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Spring is here, and there's nothing like entertaining outdoors with the familiar, childhood memory stirring smell of freshly mown spring grass. Better still, chatting under the archway to the intoxicating aroma of jasmine, or lying in the sun under the rose bushes amongst the softly scented petals.

Sadly, these seasonal scents were only here for a short time, until now.

Introducing a range of outdoor entertaining scents, simply pop the refill of your choice into the silent air pump, and let the smells of spring waft over your backyard.

Your guests will be rewarded with the memories of good food, good conversation, and good scents.

Much later, former guest smells freshly mown spring grass, and when he/she has finished reminiscing about their 1st grade school athletics day, thinks to themselves, I remember Helium, what a great rotisserie chicken, what a great day that was, what a woman!

Helium, Nov 16 2003


       Sounds quite possible, but synthetic scents smell umm... OK at best. And real scents are expensive.
my-nep, Nov 16 2003

       +1 love the sense of He...
po, Nov 16 2003

       // I remember Helium, what a great rotisserie chicken //   

       That seems hardly fair to use as a nick-name!
dobtabulous, Nov 17 2003

       (+) mostly just for reminding me that it's an upside-down world and we are not all headed into the cold darkness of winter
luecke, Nov 17 2003


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