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Landfill Air Freshener

Makes the Smell of Death Smell Pine Tree Fresh
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Landfills pose many health and enviromental risks. The smell from them drives down real estate values amongst other negative affects. While it will not make the air any healthier, the Landfill Air Freshener will make it easier on the nose. Their are two problems: wind direction and air odor. The wind direction may be changed by building large concrete or earth wind barriers that will change the course of the wind onto less populated areas. To make this efficient, a study of the prevelant wind direction and what type of wind block will be needed will have to be done. Once the wind is directed a large windmill that sprays an enviromentally friendly good smelling air freshener would be constructed. To save on costs of spray, maybe it could be a waste product that is commonly found in the landfill that could be recycled. The agency that over-sees the construction and maintenence of this will have a logo shaped like a rearview mirrow with a pine shaped air freshener hanging from it.
MrDaliLlama, Jul 04 2005




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