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Scent your World

Freshen everyone else's breath, for a change.
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In Tokyo, it is common for folks to walk around wearing cotton surgical masks or the paper versions thereof. Wearers are 1) sick, and doing everyone a favor, 2) allergic to whatever is in the air that day, or 3) just reluctant to breath unfiltered air on a packed subway. Although this looks kind of weird, it is a habit that could well catch on in other parts of the world, especially in this time of geopolitical instability.

My product: scented oil that can gently, slowly release a pleasant smell of your choosing, a few drops of which may dripped onto said mask before you head out in the morning. It could make the morning subway-commute significantly more palatable. This would also be useful for workers who operate under high-stink conditions.

EvilHomer, Mar 18 2003

air pollution in Tokyo http://www.kankyo.m...nglish2001/ap_1.htm
[po, Oct 05 2004]


       Elizabethan pomander?
brenna, Mar 18 2003

       How about nose plugs and a filter that goes inside your mouth? That way New Yorkers wouldn't piss on you for being disrepectful to their smog and germs.
DrOuD, Mar 19 2003

       Can I have an ether-scented one? Thanks. I need thatt bbbeeecccaaauuus..........
Cedar Park, Mar 19 2003

       ...you want to pretend your Hunter S. Thompson?
bristolz, Mar 19 2003

       DrOuD: we'll make an exception for you, and piss on you anyway.
DrCurry, Mar 19 2003

       Ah, the traditional New York greeting .....
8th of 7, Mar 19 2003

       Ok, pediatric pre-operative breathing bags hardly constitutes baking of this idea. I also think you have a long way to go until you get to the Michael Jackson stage. Another beneficial application: international flights in Asia, where people are now donning masks to combat the new super-pneumonia virus.
EvilHomer, Mar 19 2003

       // ...you want to pretend your Hunter S. Thompson? //   

       <aside>My theory on Mr. Thompson: you write because no one can understand you when you try to speak.</aside>
waugsqueke, Mar 19 2003

       I didn't say it was complicated. Maybe if I could work in a clock somehow . . .
EvilHomer, Mar 19 2003

       Like perfume in a hanky...that's what made civilization possible centuries ago...
pluterday, Mar 20 2003

       //Although this looks kind of weird, it is a habit that could well catch on in other parts of the world//   

       A nice idea and timely now
pocmloc, Sep 27 2021


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