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Smoking Sculpture Park

A way to smoke in comfort without killing other people.
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The smoking ban hit England on July 1st, my birthday of all days and although I agree with the sentiment, i'm still left out in the cold. I don't want anyone who doesn't wish to breathe my smoke to have to do so, but that doesn't change the fact that I want to enjoy the occasional cicgarette with like minded people and not have to freeze my sweetbreads off or get soaking wet. Read the current legislation on what constitutes an 'enclosed premises' www.smokefreeengland.co.uk

I propose a sculpture park where the sculptures form structures to smoke beneath/in/on. Not only would they conform to the legislation, but they would provide an atmosphere conducive to great conversation (paralleled only by the cigarette itself) keeping their patrons dry and weatherproof. The sculptures would vary in form and material, some metal with electrical filaments for heat and light. Some stone, some plastic with modular seating. Obviously, a good bar close by serving great coffee, ale and wine. I would visit all the time...

*No anti smoker comments please. I respect your right not to smoke!

Moseph, May 20 2008


       Hate smoking, love loophoes and sculpture.
Have a bun to go with your ciggy.
coprocephalous, May 20 2008

       ...hmm, I was thinking sculptures made of smoke. The cig smokers could get together and blow all their smoke into a clear, plastic sculpture and ...viola!
xandram, May 20 2008

       You're too kind!
Moseph, May 20 2008


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