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Narcissistic video camera wireless protocol

Ah - more video footage of me!
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Wireless technology is getting pretty cheap and ubiquitous, so this idea supposes that every video camera is wireless-enabled. Then, as I walk around the street the wireless PDA in my pocket picks up snatches of video from cameras I get close to - security cameras, cameras on show in the windows of technology shops, cameras being operated by inept tourists, etc.

The resulting footage will show all the places I've been to during the day from a variety of viewpoints and if some of the cameras were pointing in my direction, quite a lot of footage of me.
hippo, Jul 24 2004

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[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Is more hippo visibility a good thing? Or are you actually subtly suggesting that we need better discrete channel encryption dedicated to our wireless devices so that there is less potential for overlap and local interference?
jurist, Jul 24 2004

       This would be particularly useful in touristy locations: in front of famous buildings and scenic views, etc. You carry your recorder in your pocket, stand in front of the camera and smile as it wirelessly sends you a copy of your picture. No more having to hand your camera to a stranger and ask him to take your picture, which is risky in some countries and probably considered rude in others.
pdg37, Jul 24 2004

       Me TV! There is a certain simplicity and logic to this idea which dissuades me from pointing out any of the drawbacks.
wagster, Jul 24 2004

       I don't care if anyone sees me or not. +
dpsyplc, Jul 24 2004

       But, if you watched yourself on a handheld tv reciever, you could watch yourself watching yourself, watching yourself....   

       Interesting as it could be used by the police force in conjuction with the dashboard videocameras in larger cities. More cameras = more evidence.
-lines-, Jul 25 2004

       [wagster] Thanks. What higher compliment is there here?
hippo, Jul 25 2004

       Actually why don't we forget ideas like this and just ban public surveillance cameras completely? Or would all of you prefer to live in a police state?
Size_Mick, Jul 25 2004

       Fantastic. Could also help to find where I left my sunglasses. <searches through today's footage>Ah. There they are... on my forehead</sttf>
reap, Jul 26 2004

       My I wonder why so many tourists are hanging around outside the gates of the nudist colony today. Come to think of it, every day this week.   


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