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lookatme icorrection

No more eyes down
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1. The app asks you to look at the camera. '

2. Tells you through audio to look back at the instructions.

3. Shows you what you look like when looking at the camera, and asks you to mark the eyes. (or accept the automatic markings)

4. Now it asks you to look at the video-cam window location. And the four corners of your screen.

5. Now it records a few seconds while you discuss with a virtual assistant on the screen, and shows you the result. Accept and your good to go for the next video conferences...

pashute, Oct 28 2015


       Technically VERY difficult. [+]
Voice, Oct 28 2015

       I suspect that this is an app for videoconferencing, that automagically edits your eyes so that you seem to be looking at the camera.   

       Incidentally, "automagically" is not queried by my spell checker. Is that odd?
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 28 2015

       oooh automagically! I likey. can I use this when skyping/w my evil sister in law?
dentworth, Oct 28 2015

       What kind of weird deviant psychopath looks at other peoples' eyes when talking to them?   

       I thought the camera was placed at the top of the screen precicely to permit normal human interaction i.e. eyes lowered to around chest height of the other person if you accidentally glance too high and see what they are looking at?
pocmloc, Oct 28 2015

       I despise webcams for precisely the eyes-down creepy weirdness.
RayfordSteele, Oct 28 2015

       Yes, for my prayer group on Saturday mornings that make me fall asleep.
blissmiss, Oct 28 2015

       <off topic> I read a cute cartoon the other day, made me chuckle.
Pick up lines for introverted men:

       Woman: "Why are you staring at my boobs?!"
Man: <shrugs> "B-because your eyes are up there..."

       Back on top(ic). Nothing automagically. Not too complicated even. I explained the process, and it should be clear.   

       1. You show the cam what your eyes look like when looking at the camera, blinking, looking a bit to the left of the camera and a bit to the right.   

       2. You show the cam what your eyes area is while looking down, towards the vid (or accept the automatically recognized area) - standard practice here with many image processing apps, like morph.   

       3. App now dynamically replaces the eyes and "brings them up", blinking when you blink etc. similar to eye controlled software.   

       4. Perhaps hardware can be introduced on the cam itself to enhance this feature if it will be too computing intensive, after receiving the eye location, giving a signal about the eye state - blinking moved left/right/up/down...
pashute, Oct 28 2015


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