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Oven Glider

toy for children to play with over the lit oven
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Bad toy idea #1: A glider designed to demonstrate thermals by flying in the updraft of a lit stovetop heater. Imagine the hours of fun!
cloudface, Aug 22 2006


       [+] Looking forward to the complete line of Bad Toy ideas.
normzone, Aug 22 2006

       Ideas for children’s books:
Let’s play with matches!
Baby has a bag on its head.
I drank the Draino, Mom.
ldischler, Aug 22 2006

       If this had been presented as a serious idea, I'd have provided you with a fish. But since you prefixed it with
//Bad toy idea #1://
here's a nice buttery [+] from me. I'm looking forward to seeing your subsequent bad toy ideas.
Freefall, Aug 22 2006

       There was a news story a few years ago about a company selling pill-shaped sweets in those foil-backed pill arrays usually used for medicines.   

       Actual bod toy idea #192: Teach children that medicines are fun to eat by the handful!
not_only_but_also, Aug 23 2006

       Given any other way out, I try not to name categories after value judgements. So, I'd rather stick this with Product: Toy: Airplane or Product: Toy: Fire or something, if it becomes needed. (Accidental funny is funny. Deliberate funny with a big sign "Funny!" above is deadly.)
jutta, Aug 23 2006

       Actual bad toy idea: Pez dispenser in the shape of a gun. Point the gun in your mouth, pull the trigger, and a yummy yummy "bullet" pops into mouth.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 23 2006

       I was, in fact, just the other day, demonstrating to my 9 year old son that an empty plastic grocery bag, held over a burner on the stove, would rise up in the air due to the difference in density of hot air as opposed to cold air. Until the bags melt of course. Yes, my wife yelled at me.   

       I will now build a large wing paper airplane and see if I can detect any appreciable lift as it is glided slowly over the burners.
James Newton, Sep 07 2006


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