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Packing Box Decals

Kids like playing with the boxes more than the contents
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Mundane cardboard boxes housing large appliances . . . washing machines, television sets, dishwashers, desktop computers . . . (well you get the idea) are often kids' favorite playthings. They imaginatively turn them into forts, castles, playhouses, buses, etc. Sometimes, when a parent can be bothered, a drawbridge, murder holes and other castle essentials can be cut into the box, heightening the experience. Of course, sometimes a door and a couple of windows will do.

To help recycle the box as a toy, to make the play more realistic and fun, to trigger imaginative play, why not include box side size decals which can be stuck onto the box once its original purpose as packing has been fulfilled? The decals can represent, in full detailed color, the front and sides of a mini mansion playhouse or an impregnable fort, a school bus or racing car. Some designs could of course include "dotted" lines (for inept parents) indicating the correct areas to be cut out for windows, etc.

A variation would be decals sold separately and not actually within the box. They would either be trimable for fit, or could be sold point of purchase at a location where similar size boxes are sold . . . e.g. moving boxes.

Arcana, Dec 23 2007


       Nice idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 23 2007

       Thanks for the reasonably positive comments ... I feel like I disappeared pretty quickly. New idea: let newbie bakers' ideas stay in the oven until they continue to rise or fall flat . . . . I must continue to contribute.
Arcana, Dec 23 2007

       oooh, get him/her!
po, Dec 23 2007

       Very good idea. Oddly, I bet you could also sell "blank" boxes of different sizes for use with the decals!
phoenix, Dec 24 2007

       The blank box is baked. I got one for my nephew and I mention it because it had the lines drawn, but not the colors, so kids could draw them in themselves.   

       I was wondering if there wasn't a cheaper way...has anyone ever seen those hoiday projectors? That way you get a slide of a snowman and it projects onto your garage door.   

       If you took a cheap flashlight with a stand, it could project the "castle" pattern on the box and kids/parents could draw it out themselves. The nice thing is it could be sized to fit the box.
MisterQED, Dec 24 2007

       This idea is awesome.
phundug, Dec 24 2007

       It's a good idea, but for those people who don't have children, such boxes and decals could be donated to children's charities, nursery schools, kids hospitals etc.
NumboJumbo, Dec 26 2007

       Could the box perhaps be adapted to have an inviting child-sized hole in the top and whrring red-hot blades in the bottom ? if so, [+].
8th of 7, Dec 26 2007

       Good idea... and patentable I believe?
napoleonbag, May 14 2008

       Now we need a box "nibbler" that works like a jigsaw so you don't cut yourself with that utility knife.   

nomocrow, May 14 2008

       Accessory items could include a roll of brick stickers you can use for smaller areas which need coverage (for engineering types), and picture-frame stickers to paste on the inside and draw on with crayons/markers (for interior decorator types).
napoleonbag, May 14 2008

       Little punch-out doll house furniture in the window cut-out scraps (some assembly required)
nomocrow, May 14 2008


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