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Plant Toys

Because your plants need to play, too
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We spend oodles of bucks on little thingies to keep our pets amused - squeaky chew toys and the like.

But what about our houseplants? Don't THEY deserve some amusement, too? Studies have shown that all organisms grow better when they have a chance to play, and I bet plants are no exception.

Research would have to be done to find the best designs, but I'm thinking maybe little baby-plant dolls, mounted on toothpicks that could be stuck into the soil in the houseplant's pot - tiny rattles that could be hung from leaves - microminiature cars that drive around the edge of the pot - the possibilities are endless.

smendler, Jul 19 2013

Bikes. Plants like bikes. http://www.bing.com...th+bike&FORM=HDRSC2
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 20 2013]

restaurant for plants Restaurant_20for_20plants
the toys will keep them occupied while waiting to be served, so they don't act up and disturb the other diners [swimswim, Jul 21 2013]


       Place your plant on a chess board,that should do it.
skinflaps, Jul 19 2013

       This is kind of baked in the sense that that there are all kinds of little things to put into planted pots. I have Buddhas, toy cars, glass animals, pet-rocks, etc...all in my house plants.
They also sell stuff for outside plants, like whirly-gigs, insects and birds with wind-powered wings, etc.
xandram, Jul 19 2013

       The difference between plant toys and mere plant decoration, now that I think a bit more, would be whether or not the plant gets to interact with the thing somehow...
smendler, Jul 20 2013

       I wonder whether you could cultivate bonsai trees in such a way that their roots would very slowly destroy a small scale model of Isengard.
pertinax, Jul 20 2013


       I have a number of baubles and fetishes in my grow room (including a little ceramic Buddha). I'm a meta- superstitious person, so when something seems to help my plants I incorporate it into my little rituals.   

       For instance, I had a plant that produced a particularly large yield for its size, and when I was dumping out the soil after harvest I found an object entwined in its roots: a cockerel's claw, no doubt from the bone meal I blend into my medium. I drilled a hole in it and braided a little thong out of stem fibers. Now I dip it into the medium of each pot as I transplant seedlings and then hang it over my plants where they can 'see' it. I don't know if it serves any purpose other than amusing me, but it's not doing any harm.   

       My plants also have their own mp3 player.
Alterother, Jul 20 2013

       Definition: Tree - A tree is a thing that grows by the road side for fifty years, until one twilight it jumps out, grabs a car and mangles it. Usually a car with a drunk driver.   

       Given this fact we have all observed, I believe toy deprived plants have been trying to obtain toys for many years, we just have not been awake enough to notice.
popbottle, Jul 20 2013

       //My plants also have their own mp3 player.//   

       Ah, but do they get to make their own playlists ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 20 2013

       [smendler] Please explain how the plants would interact with the toys. You could have a venus fly trap with a toy fly that circles on a wire and the plant could try to catch it? But most plants kind of just sit around in the sun.
xandram, Jul 21 2013

       // do they get to make their own playlists ? //   

       In a way; if I come in and they look wilted or stressed for no apparent reason, whatever they've been listening to for the last couple of hours gets pulled from the que.
Alterother, Jul 21 2013


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