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Oxymoronic Puns

You guys seem rather creative
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The other day I was at a party and the term "mail-woman" was misunderstood. The term was meant to describe a female mail carrier but the somewhat drunk audience (me included) spent a half hour playing with one particulary inebriated guest's confusion. Later on in the week I recalled the experience and noticed that the term "mail-woman" seemed to be an oxymoronic pun. Its not a regular oxymoron as it needs the pun of "mail" to accomplish its oxymoronic-ness.

I love a good one-liner pun and was wondering if you good people knew of, or could think of any other oxymoronic puns.

Miss Understood, Feb 24 2004

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       Likely that the group here could but that isn't the intent of the site. Lists like what would (or, likely, will be) constructed in the reply annotations to this posted challenge are outside the intended scope of the halfbakery.   

       (Yeah, I'm always the killjoy)
bristolz, Feb 24 2004

       And your back. :)
skinflaps, Feb 24 2004

       I can think of some   

       Snooker action Milatary Intelligence
Deadlock'd, Feb 25 2004

       Who moved the stationary cabinet?   

       On the mirror:   

       "Objects are grosser than they appear"
timbeau, Feb 29 2004


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