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PC console

A video game console that play all PC games
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I know there are playstation 2 and soon X-Box, but there are alot of great PC games out there, and alot of them are very affordable. What about a PC console that have the power of a sega Dreamcast. You could play all your favorite games on your television. I would sell the console for around $200, DVD-ROM is included. Another cool feature about this console is that it would have a 1GB+ hard drive that you would be able to save games from the internet to it. And with this console you know that there are thousands of games for it, and companies would keep making games for it for a long time.
adp, Feb 13 2001


       So, all the gaming ability of a computer (and I assume it would have a keyboard, too) without all the bother of having an actual computer? Well, will I be able to access sites for my favorite games to look up cheats and download levels? Will I be able to game online with friends? Will I be able to check my email? Just get a computer.
centauri, Feb 13 2001

       I get your point centauri, but this console is for gamers, it will play games, and other software. and cost about $800 less than a computer.
adp, Feb 13 2001

       I'm sorry, if you conceive a product, you're not allowed to invent a price that the product will sell for unless you can explain how it can be built for well under that price. Otherwise it's just wishful thinking. Yes, I'd love it if someone sold me a flying car for $50, but that's not a very interesting idea because I cannot explain how it would be done.   

       Game consoles are sold at a loss for the prices they are (often well over $200...) because the console vendor makes money selling (and licensing) titles. In this case, there would be no such revenue stream, so you'd have to make money on the hardware itself. Even the cheapest of ISP-subsidized PCs cost more than $200 (at least since all the "free PC" folks went out of business), and they don't have much more hardware than what you describe.
egnor, Feb 14 2001

       The idea isn't bad but i think you forget manyyyy things like all the cd rom's would be need to be reprogrammed coz they all need to be installed they not starting just like a console game, and you would never be able to be under 200$ but i have an idea for you but a graphic card that can be connected on your tv, buy a good gamepad and there you go you have a PC console for less then 200 $ :)
deadraque, May 11 2001

       the way the consoles are going the the "pc console" is alomost already baked. think about it with the addition of the Xbox360 and play station 3 you see the consoles becoming better than computers. there even saying that you can plug everthing with wi fi or a usb cord into the ps3 come on this is a baked idea. you can see it watch gaming show's its over there is no longer a diffrence. unless you count code but even that can be made into a simple program. i am not saying that we should put alot of fath into programs but coding allthough extremly long is really quite simple. so you only need a program that takes the code for one thing and converts it. i think they have somthing like that though........um...whats it called emulators or is that diffrent?
toomer34, Jun 25 2005

       Or how about a computer that can play all the consol games. Wait a minute there already exist such machines. I hate consols because they are always 20 steps behind the latest home desktop computer. The graphics are lower and you can only play games on them. Its funny how (if you watch the evolution of consol systems) consols are slowly turning into desktop computers. Take for instance the new X-box. I guess its your choice. Shell out 3 grand every 4 or 5 years for a top of the line desktop. Or shell out 200-300 bucks every year or so to get the latest consol system. Not to mention 60 bucks for the latest game. 40 bucks for a controler. The cost of the tv and now they are charging people to play video games online. What a joke. With a computer you can steal all the games you want, watch all the tv you want and the vast majority of online computer games are entirely free. Plus you can type, draw, chat, dl porn and store any amount of information.
10clock, Jun 25 2005

       10clock, you need to investigate newer consoles. "Always behind"? The PS3 has one 64-bit processor controlling seven 32-bit units. It's a pretty powerful unit.
david_scothern, Jun 25 2005

       consoles do have better graphics. even the latest card is only 2/3s the ps3 look at killzone(not pre renderd)
toomer34, Jun 25 2005

       Microsoft toyed with the idea of making it play pc games but if you do that it is no longer a console just an elitist pc.
jamtime_x, Jun 26 2005

       Ok, but amd came out with the 64 bit proccesor way before the "new" ps2
10clock, Jun 26 2005

       I was amused to find that the version of Debian I just installed has a DOS emulator bundled with it.
Detly, Jun 26 2005

       The gap between Desktops and Consoles has never really been all that big... The real difference is what the numbers had been showing. The real reason why consoles will always be a bit behind the latest desktop, but probably infront of the average consumer-grade machine at the time of its release is that both pull from the same technology pool, one with the advantage of being single-purpose, the other with the fact that some people will always spend large amounts on it. The new XBox and PS are no doubt quite impressive, but intel and AMD already utilize 64 Bit processors, more then one core, hyperthreading, and various other tricks - if you're willing to shell out enough.   

       Just a sidenote, even in 2001 when the message was written, a 1GB hardrive would let you install, perhaps, two games before it was full, not counting the OS this console surely had to have.
{WhiteFang}, Jun 27 2005

       Yes, you can buy a 64-bit processor for a PC, and have been able to for a couple of years. That doesn't mean that consoles are "behind" - when I said that the PS3 uses eight processors, well, that's not quite true. It uses one processor which has all eight cores (well, nine, but one is disabled) on the same piece of silicon. You can't call that outdated, 'cos nobody else has done it yet. There's talk of using that chip in high-end workstations.
david_scothern, Jun 27 2005

       //and cost about $800 less than a computer// I love that line!
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 27 2005


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