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PDA Message In a Bottle Game

Throw a message into an electronic ocean... see who gets it.
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This idea is for a computer game using PDAs and wireless networking.

It works like this...

One person authors a message, and then "throws" it into the ocean. What happens here is that the message is stored on that persons PDA.

When this PDA gets within range of another wireless device also running the game's software, the message is moved to the new device. A random number is generated which determines whether or not the user of that particular device will "see" the message or just stored to be passed on later.

So, when your PDA "catches" a message and the correct random number is generated, then you have "found the bottle."

The likelihood of the message being "found" could be adjusted by the original author. (This would simply adjust the total number of possible random numbers).

zigness, Feb 22 2004


       And the point is??
John_R_123, Mar 05 2004

       Oh, and like I *need* a point.
zigness, Mar 05 2004

       Like SPAM mail for PDAs, only interesting? hmmmm...
echo, Mar 05 2004

       I don't see this as being vastly different than "Where's George", BookCrossing or the Travel Bugs in GeoCaching. I think this is a logical progression of technology and recreation. I wouldn't do this, but I can see the value for others.   

       Spam is unwanted and unsolicited, but the author has stated that this would be voluntary for those who choose to have the software.[+]
Klaatu, Mar 05 2004

       This might actually be a cool advertising tool, if the message is sent on a subscription basis from a popular website, agreed to be received by the user for participation in the promotion. The finder of the bottle wins a prize code, redeemable on the website. Great for soft drink manufacturers.
thirdcherry, Mar 27 2005

       Just leave bluetooth in mode 1, works on phones too, sadly.
Extreme Tomato, Aug 01 2005


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