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Quick Leveling MMORPG

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MMORPG where you can play various hero or monster characters who compete against one another and advance levels quickly. However, they also lose levels quickly if they fail to maintain level resources. For example: If you create a zombie character and eat enough brains to advance to the next level, you will physically change into a stronger zombie with more powers. If you don't feed for a while though your character will lose levels. The level loss continues when you log out. You will always have those people who never log out and play constantly to stay powerful though the relatively fast loss of level will allow for up and comers to overpower stronger players who are briefly away from the game. A player may level to max in the course of a day but will also have to continuously re-level. This game format will allow for quick gains, more action, and less grinding as you will be able to fight increasingly tougher monsters over a short period of time.
pppporkins, Jun 20 2010


       While I like the concept of being able to lose skills if you neglect them, I also think that the constant grinding in your system would be monotonous, stressful, and boring. It's really harsh to punish players for not being logged on.
DrWorm, Jun 20 2010

       I'm hoping to avoid the tedium of grinding on one monster type for a long period of time by giving the player a chance to constantly upgrade to a higher level while they are logged in. I'm also trying to avoid the boredom associated with having an uber character. With this system you may be the king of the hill for a while, but only a short while.
pppporkins, Jun 21 2010

       A major reason for level advancement is to offer the player some mere semblance of a 'capital accumulation' which can somehow be used to rationalize the often obscene investment of time and money (in terms of fees and opportunity costs) spent near inertly reacting to sequences of sounds and images in an alienated social world.
rcarty, Jun 21 2010

       True. Most games are set up to give a long term accumulation on invested time. This game would be more like a montage as opposed to a game where you actually work for months to achieve greatness. In montage you can realize quick gains. As your character progresses, you will have access to better equipment which also degrades quickly with use. Fleeting moments of greatness are frequently realized and gameplay is fast paced.
pppporkins, Jun 21 2010

       'Montage' would be an awesome magic item in any game. You use it and it shows you a montage of how you completed the level.
marklar, Jun 22 2010

       you should put the anno about items into the main idea. I almost boned because of the item problem until I read that.(+)
Voice, Jun 24 2010


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