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Riverworld MMOG

You're already in it
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How about a MMOG based on Philip Jose Farmer's RIVERWORLD series? As you might know, this series is about a planet where EVERYONE WHO EVER LIVED ON EARTH is resurrected. So you would be - well, *you*. It would also have to be populated with various historical figures - not sure if we'd want other players to assume those roles, or if they should be programmed...
smendler, Dec 22 2009

about Riverworld http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riverworld
Description of Farmer's idea [smendler, Dec 22 2009]


       Look who's back.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Dec 22 2009

       hey, missed you [awol] where you been?
po, Dec 22 2009

       welcome back [schmendrick], no...not you [21...] you are a nog schleper.
4whom, Dec 22 2009

       re Riverworld, see the Wikipedia article thereon
smendler, Dec 22 2009

       and [21 Quest] the suggestion only had to do with using that particular subject matter... though one particular aspect of the gameplay would undoubtedly hinge upon making one's daily appointments at the Grails (not to mention the aphrodisiac gum...)
smendler, Dec 22 2009

       and I do note this from the Wiki article:   

       "A PC computer game version of Riverworld was released in October 1998 by Cryo Interactive."   

       So one might say this was baked already, but I don't think the Cryo game had the online interactive aspect going on.
smendler, Dec 22 2009


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