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PIC free choice

Playground Innoculation Certificate
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Current in the capital, swimmers can't dive and swim in the harbour. A pipe has collapsed and sewage has spilled into the local swimming spots.

Workers, fully armed with all needed inoculations, work with sewage on a daily basis. Why can't swimmers with the correct paperwork, swim.

I propose setting up an inoculation station at the infected area and piercing the newbies and allowing the certificated their freedom to live to limit.

Of course nature will always throw a curve ball but everyone makes their enjoyment choices.

PS Tab goes on the reason for broken pipe.

wjt, Dec 20 2019


       Let them all swim, without immunizations. Only the ones with strong immune systems will survive.   

       This will select for (a) humans with strong immune systems, and (b) humans with indeterminate immune systems who are smart enough not to swim in sewage.   

       Both are useful attributes.
8th of 7, Dec 20 2019

       using vaccination to compensate for sewage-laden water doesn't really address the problem - it's just going through the motions.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 20 2019

       Homeopathic innoculations!
pocmloc, Dec 20 2019

       ^ Ker - Ching !   

       Make sure you get the Product Liability experts to sign off on it, though.
8th of 7, Dec 20 2019

       Nature loves the random. A few more inoculated, gene streams that may be lost, just may carry genes of extinction escaping importance..
wjt, Dec 21 2019


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