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Playground Platform

Stop having great monkey bars but a crappy jungle gym
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It seems to me like playgrounds should be turned into a platform. The platform inventor would invent the platform of electronifying and - to add insult to injury - making accessible to people including adults with disabilities, playgrounds. Then the platform inventor a la microsoft, Google or Apple, could focus on fighting the government and nonprofits for space, eventually taking over and completely eliminating first open space and eventually nature, and thus providing a fertile environment for developers of individual types of playground equipment ie monkey bars and plastic xylophones, to compete with each other to provide the most crazy excellent stuff possible. You could even have gigantic sponsorship banners around the edges of the playground: "GOOGLE, GOODYEAR, EXXON". Playground equipment, thus electronified, could pay for itself by measuring and then sending back to at first just the companies but eventually the NSA, data from the novel ways of interacting that the playground participants are coming up with in the process of interacting with the environment. Innovation playground.
JesusHChrist, Jun 01 2015


       When I think of a platform in the context of playground, I think of something to stand on. What is "the platform of electrifying"?   

       It seems like you might be proposing a theme park.
bungston, Jun 01 2015

       Playground equipment with sensors and actuators and a connection to the internet.
JesusHChrist, Jun 01 2015


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