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Packard Bell Conversion Kit

America grew up listening to us...
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Got an antiquated Packard Bell PC laying around? Turn it into a classic Packard Bell tube radio with our conversion kit. Kit includes radio tubes, dial face, antenna, and a smattering badly-manufactured, recycled motherboard components for authenticity.

Wind-up victrola conversions also available.

RayfordSteele, Oct 16 2004


       Interesting trivia: Packard Bell (the PC company) actually has very little to do with the original Packard Bell (the radio/TV company). A couple of guys creating a small PC building company knew a recognizable name would be useful in marketing. So they bought up the "remains" of the old Packard Bell, which still existed only in the form of a warehouse full of documents.
krelnik, Oct 16 2004


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