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"Stop shuffle and continue listening to this album" function on MP3 players

For when you want to stop the randomnes and seamlessly pick up a more "linear" listening
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It happens with me, very often: my MP3 player is on "shuffle" mode and then comes a song from an album I really like, and I think "hey, now I want to listen to this whole album!". But it's never easy, I have to manually turn off shuffle, search for the album, search for the song I was listening (to pick up from where I was) and, most of the time, I have to stop the song I was listening momentarily.

My idea is a "Stop shuffling and continue listening to this album" function on MP3 players (both hardware-based or software). This function or button, when activated, would seamlessly turn shuffle off and enqueue the remaining songs from the album, so that my listening experience would continue inside the album where that song belongs.

Oh, and this is my first idea here. I'm excited!

oprimo, Oct 16 2008


       Good idea - and welcome to the Halfbakery
hippo, Oct 17 2008

       I have exactly the same problem. I know the ipod has shuffle albums, but if you get to an album you dont want to listen to it takes ages to skip every track.   

       Welcome and have a bun
miasere, Oct 17 2008

       iriver had this feature. You just cycled through the sequence options by pushing a button on the side of the player. it didn't stop the current song, it just changed the route of future songs.   

       I thought my old archos did this as well. In any case, I suspect you are an ipod user and so I will give you a bone.
mylodon, Oct 17 2008

       [mylodon], horses for courses. Ipods look good and play music as well as most other players. Yes they are more expensive and other players can do more but They Look Good. This actually matters. If they didnt then average Joe public wouldnt want an mp3 player and the format wouldnt be as succesful.   

       Having said that, I dont use itunes as I prefer winamp for ease of use for simply playing music and copying to my ipod and I would never buy a mac as for computing I prefer power over style.
miasere, Oct 17 2008

       [miasere] thanks for demonstrating why I gave the bone.
mylodon, Oct 17 2008

       You're right [mylodon], I own an iPod. But I bought it because of ergonomics: all other MP3 players I owned before had some usability flaw that bothered me. The iPod is way better in this aspect. If it wasn't for iTunes (WORST piece of software EVER), it would be the perfect MP3 player IMHO.   

       Oh, and I use Winamp on my PC. Maybe they could develop a plugin with this feature I'm suggesting...
oprimo, Oct 17 2008

       My Soundbridge / Firefly combo sort of does this, a bit - if I turn off shuffle, it will play the rest of the album, but in the order it was placed in the database. It depends on what was selected when I chose shuttle in the first place, I think.   

       But yes, a welcome croissant for you. I've often wished for not only "more from this album", but also "more from this artist" and maybe even "more from this genre" functions as well. I usually engage shuttle mode when I can't decide what to listen to, which is most of the time.
English Bob, Oct 17 2008

       I think [English Bob] is on to something there. I like a wide range of music, but I do have music moods. Having the "stop shuffle" (widely known to exist if you don't own an iPod) also set the genre is both novel and exciting.
4whom, Oct 17 2008

       I hate apple as well, but iPods are built rather ruggedly, plus all the mp3 holders/protectors are built for iPods. Some environments require the accessories, and there is no mp3 player with more accessories than the damnable iPod.   

       Oh yeah, welcome and [+]
MikeD, Oct 18 2008


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