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Page Flip Animated Secret Message In Books

Flip through the pages, slowly moving words appear in sequence forming a sentence that gives a secret message.
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When you flip through a novel like you would with a flip book animation, the words are a scrambled mess. By having certain words repeat for say 20 or 30 pages or so,they'd stand out when you flipped those pages being the only word that slowly moved across the page. They'd move because the word would change positions ever so slightly from page to page so as to be hard to single out if you're not actually flipping the pages quickly. Then a second word would appear also slowly moving, then the third etc till the message was finished.

The movement would prevent anybody from just being a killjoy and turning pages to see which words were in the same place. Flipping them quickly so you could see the serial motion of the floating words would be the much faster way to read the message.

So you might flip through Moby Dick and see the message floating around "The... whale... kills... everybody... except... Ishmael."

doctorremulac3, Oct 11 2020

Prior creation Bouncing_20Ball_20Page_20Numbers
[xenzag, Oct 11 2020]

Hidden paintings https://twistedsift...the-edges-of-books/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 12 2020]

Bouncing ball in a flip book #1 https://www.youtube...watch?v=WP0i5TDBLbk
[doctorremulac3, Oct 12 2020]

Buncing ball in a flip book #2 https://www.youtube...watch?v=jLLmryTkr9Y
[doctorremulac3, Oct 12 2020]

Bouncing ball in a flip book #3 https://www.youtube...watch?v=cdRPHWBWqNE
[doctorremulac3, Oct 12 2020]

Etc etc. https://www.youtube...watch?v=uZ18BTYqg54
There are dozens of these on Youtube. [doctorremulac3, Oct 12 2020]

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       Jeez. Spoiler alert...   

       The version for the book of Revelations of St. John the Divine of Patmos will be ... interesting.
8th of 7, Oct 11 2020

       Occurred to me, doesn't even need to be words. The eye would see something as little as a period or comma that was animated such that it appeared to be a single point moving around.   

       Not sure why you'd to that but you could.   

       OH, I know. You could have them swirling around the sentence that's animating.
doctorremulac3, Oct 11 2020

       If you haven't seen this [link] before you'll dig it.   

       It would have been nice if the good Doc acknowledged my animated pages idea of Oct 12 2009 (link) since this is clearly where he got 'his' idea from, having read it on the link on one of Hippo's postings. Go on Doc - fess up!
xenzag, Oct 12 2020

       So you came up with the idea of movement of objects in a series of pages that only become visible through serial motion when flipping through the pages but are not perceptible otherwise?   

       Because that's pretty original. A bouncing ball in a flip book isn't. See links.   

       But if you want credit and accolades, OK, sure. Enjoy.
doctorremulac3, Oct 12 2020

       Show me where you've seen a book with the animated page numbers featuring the images I described in my idea..... eg: "Pulp fiction style detective novels could get a film noir style flickering neon, or smoking gun sequence incorporating the changing page numbers". It's not an accolade. It's a halfbakery courtesy to acknowlege the person who had the original idea. You just changed the images into words.
xenzag, Oct 12 2020

       Yes, but a word is worth a thousand... no, wait, there's something wrong with that phrase ...
8th of 7, Oct 12 2020

       //You just changed the images into words//   

       No, I hid an object or objects, in an obscuring cloud that only becomes perceptible when you impart serial motion to it. You put a number on a bouncing ball.   

       That's like saying "You didn't invent the liquid fueled space rocket, you copied me throwing a rock into the air.", but I envy you having the time and energy to get upset about such things.   

       But I'll grant you this: I saw your "idea" and thought "What if one was to do something original and interesting instead?" so yes, you get full credit for that.
doctorremulac3, Oct 12 2020

       sighs..... whatever - it's obviously more important to you than me, so I'll let it go this time, but try to respect the simple courtesy in future.
xenzag, Oct 12 2020

       Thanks for the lesson in Halfbakery curtesy, this from somebody who calls people Hitler every 5 seconds.   

       Tell you what, as a peace offering I'll tell you this, I bun your ideas all the time despite our being from different ends of the galaxy. You are very creative.   

       OK? OK.
doctorremulac3, Oct 12 2020

       Ha Doc - you're the biz :-)
xenzag, Oct 12 2020

doctorremulac3, Oct 12 2020


       "He's a bit of a crawler, Moriarty ..."   

8th of 7, Oct 12 2020

       I think it would conflict with the flow/style of writing because the story would have to come first then some jiggery-pokery to get the animation to work.   

       I would be very impressed if the novel was written and the writer's subconscious mind had already inlaid the flashy extras.
wjt, Oct 15 2020


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