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Paint Bomb 2

for psychological warfare
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The mechanism by which this would work is completely different from Fake Blood bomb, so please don't associate the two. This device would consist of a very light metal shell, a paint tank, and a device to spray the paint around a very wide area when it nears the ground.

The idea is for enemy personnel to realize that the attacking airforce could have, but chose not to, kill them. The intended effect is to lower moral without risking bad press or collateral damage.

Voice, Jun 27 2010

(?) Red paint's OK, but yellow would risk bad press. http://dtirp.dtra.m...BW/archive/rain.cfm
[mouseposture, Jun 27 2010]

(?) Spraying device http://www.chinalak...s/fae-weapons.shtml
[mouseposture, Jun 27 2010]


       // lower moral without risking bad press or collateral damage //   

       The effect is to seriously piss them off by getting paint on their uniforms...
8th of 7, Jun 27 2010

       [8th_of_7] There's an easy defense against that. Redesign the uniforms so they appear to be already paint-spattered.   

       //without risking bad press or collateral damage// The enemy will launch a PR campaign claiming the pigment is toxic, or carcinogenic, contains depleted uranium, has an unfavorable carbon footprint, is manufactured by sweatshop labor ... or something <link>.
mouseposture, Jun 27 2010

       //This device would consist of a ... device//
[marked-for-del3tion] no idea. Please explain the spraying device, it's half the idea. This idea is only half an idea.
daseva, Jun 27 2010

       [daseva] I don't think he's obliged to, 'cause the spraying half is already baked <link>.
mouseposture, Jun 27 2010

       Couldn't the same effect be gained more cheaply by simply using dummy bombs?
Alx_xlA, Jun 27 2010


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