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Personal Arresting System

A Non-lethal personal arresting munition
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When dealing with urban environments, in many instances, civilians are in the mix, and any non-lethal solution should be considered.

Introducing the Personal Arresting System: A lobbed grenade-like device which spreads out a large mesh which incorporates a sticky substance. In essence, it is a large spider web that gets thrown down on the ground. After being placed or lobbed within a desired area, the grenade would explode, spreading a fine sticky mesh to walls and floors. Anyone who enters this area would find themselves impeded, being stuck to the mesh. This would allow retreating forces more time, while not putting civilians at risk of running into a conventional booby trap. A specialized solvent would be available to troops that fall into this mesh.

Other implementations of a technology like this would be rifle rounds, shooting individual arresting mesh rounds. This could be for law enforcement, or riot control. Another implementation would be a rolled unit, allowing a large strip of floor or area to be covered.

twitch, Mar 26 2010


       slightly different? oh HELLS NO. It's not even intended for the same purpose! It's a shoot and leave thing, and let the NET wait for the enemy. and my version actually sticks, and was intended for multiple persons. I can't believe you, duckdodgers!
twitch, Mar 26 2010

       So my "Other implementations" are somewhat baked. And yes, I said somewhat baked.   

       Have you ever seen a sticky mesh grenade? Or just a different version of the "other implementations".
twitch, Mar 27 2010


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