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Blue tooth *wait for me* mittens.
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Those of us who are currently located in the northern hemisphere, particularly the far nothern bit, are currently experiencing the seasonal inconvenience of winter clothing accessory loss.
One goes to a bar, spends half and hour disrobing from a bewildering array of arctic apparell; gets drunk; and then attempts to re-clothe oneself without forgetting a single item of all the component parts and accessories.
Mittens and gloves (close cousins of the sock; note) seem to be partial to de-pairing themselves and have an inclination towards a reluctance to leave when you do.
Gloves or Mittens with in-built Blue Tooth connectivity could signal to ones mobile when their proximity to said mobile reaches a certain limit.
*Who was that calling?*, *Oh it was just my mittens, I've left them in the bar again*
N.B. This idea was done in Pun-homage to the Pelmets idea which I thought was true genius but couldn't justify croissanting.
nichpo, Feb 12 2004

Miniaturize this http://nservices.com/child.htm
3rd product on the page: "Kid Messenger Child Monitoring System" [half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       You lost your mittens?! Then you shall have no pie.   

       Will you settle for a croissant?
half, Feb 12 2004

       It would negate the need for having your mittens tied together via a string which goes through the back of your coat. My mum wouldn't let me have this particular set up in case I strangled myself, so I consequently lost a lot of mittens.
hazel, Feb 12 2004

       Why stop at mittens? Stick these on socks, and finally find out where they go in the wash. It'll be sort of just like when Elephant seals were fitted with transponders and we finally learned the surprising extent of their travels.
oxen crossing, Feb 13 2004

       A noble and bold suggestion [oxen] but I fear that cracking the great sock mystery could undermine the fabric of society; we are just not ready for it yet.
nichpo, Feb 13 2004

       Exactly. Finding out where socks go would leave you with the same empty feeling as discovering that sunsets are actually caused by pollution (the colours in the sky that is, not the sun setting).   

       This gets a croissant, not only for being a good idea, but because it serves as yet another example as to why my pelmets are such a good idea.
spiritualized, Feb 15 2004

       This is actually possible today with a RFID tags. Attach RFID tags to you mittens, skarf, etc when you get dressed. Press the RFID locater button (possibly on your watch, IPAD, telephone etc). It will locate the RFID tags within 10 or so feet. Now go have fun. When you leave the location, click on Present setting and it will tell you if all the items are there when you presssed locate. This would make a nice app.
SolarDon, Feb 27 2012


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