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Puppet Gloves

A glove worn with a balled fist that manipulates five separate finger puppets on each hand.
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The puppet master first concieved Puppet Gloves on a cold winter's day, when his hands became too cold inside his gloves. He removed each of his cadaverous and sharp pointed fingers from the gloves, and balled his fist inside the central portion.

Catching sight of his newly engloved hands, he was delighted to see eeach now empty finger taking on life of its own in the breezy winter air. Delighted by the prospect of so many new friends, he raced back to his workshop where he inserted into each finger a segmented structure much like the human finger whose touch he had always longer for.

To these structures he attached one corresponding string each, which could be actuated by each one of his warm curled fingers inside the glove. A loop on the end of each string held by the hand in a loose fist, allowed for the individual action of each Puppet Glove finger.

rcarty, Sep 27 2013

someone had to show you http://www.google.c...IDw&ved=0CEwQ9QEwAA
[xandram, Sep 28 2013]

WKTI http://www.google.c...IDw&ved=0CFIQ9QEwAw
[xandram, Sep 28 2013]


       Someone had to show me? I have hundreds if not thousands of those. This is a completely separate idea for a glove that keeps your hand warm, and is operated from the warm nucleus. Human beings in outerspace a thousand years from now will use these gloves, that's how profound of an invention it is.
rcarty, Sep 28 2013

       And what does WKTI mean google doesn't know.
rcarty, Sep 28 2013

       ^ Widely Known To Exist
spidermother, Sep 29 2013

       sorry I can't spell...thanks [spider]
Sorry I misread the idea [rcarty]
xandram, Sep 29 2013

       That's OK this place is just for a laugh anyway! And sometimes a fight.
rcarty, Sep 29 2013

       You take that back!
spidermother, Sep 30 2013

       Dem's is fighting gloves?? hehe
xandram, Sep 30 2013


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