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Coat hanger and peg in one!
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In my life-long mission to avoid ironing whenever possible, I've found that drying shirts on clothes hangers helps them to dry without creasing, and helps me to live without ironing. Also, I can fit more shirts on my clothes line this way than if I draped them over it.

However, within this seemingly idyllic existence lurks a pain, a bane, an unnecessary necessity that causes clothes-drying to soak up extra seconds of effort. The windy days we get here mean that, to keep the clothes hangers from blowing to and fro along the clothes line, I need to put pegs on the line beside the hangers to keep them from straying.

Rather than letting this Sisyphean task cloud my quest to enjoy life's full bouquet of simplicity, meaningful activity, and ironinglessness, I propose this solution:

The panger.

The panger (no, my friend: let us call it the Panger! If ever a product deserved to be capitalised, or indeed, capitalised upon, it is this one) is a clothes hanger - but no ordinary clothes hanger. No mere hanger of clothes, this. For this is a clothes hanger with a difference. This is a clothes hanger... with a peg!

This marvellous peg, this peggus mirabilis, is located at the top of the hook, pointing upwards. Small enough for the hanger to fit onto the wardrobe rail with ease, yet strong enough to stay on the clothes line in even the breeziest breeze.

It's the Perfect Hanger. It's the Peg-Hanger. It's the Panger.

imaginality, Jul 29 2006

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       Like your style.
zeno, Jul 29 2006

       Coat panger and heg in one.   

       [+] - I too regard ironing as a throwback to the Victorian era.
wagster, Jul 29 2006

       [+] For ironinglessness...well, and the rest of it really.
fridge duck, Jul 29 2006


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