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Pants for writers

Pants with keyboard in each pocket for each hand.
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Pants with special design with 1/2 of keyboard in each pocket. So you can just walk and write your thougts all day, all night.
bondarchukb, Aug 24 2019


       I think I've seen pants that have half of a keyboard built into each thigh, but on the outside. Having it in the pockets seems like a good improvement, as long as your fingers have enough room to move in there: more privacy for what you're typing, and it keeps your fingers warmer and therefore quicker and more accurate.
notexactly, Aug 25 2019

       With the right software, instead of text editing you could play Pocket Billiards ...
8th of 7, Aug 25 2019

       I really need this kind of pants or keyboards that I can hook on my pockets and connect to a smartphone for recording. Why should I work sitting at a table like a nerd?
bondarchukb, Aug 26 2019


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