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Pants That Fit

The right measurements AND the size you want to be
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Okay--idea is simple. Person sends you actual measurements and the size they want to be. You sew label into pants that fit them, label being of the size they want to be. So, measurements equal size 12, but person wants to feel like a size 6, so pants fit size 12 but say size 6.

Total vanity ploy--mentally, you feel like a size 6 even though you're really a size 12. I thought pants since you can usually wear shirts across sizes. Thinking mostly for women, though I guess men can be as vain.

metamorph, Aug 27 2004


       // you feel like a size 6 even though you're really a size 12// That's some seriously suspended disbelief.
harderthanjesus, Aug 27 2004

       so, this is your friend that we are talking about? yes? metamorph!   

       sp: pantst?
po, Aug 27 2004

       Sounds like mis-selling from the boutique and lack of realism from the buyer!
gnomethang, Aug 27 2004

       [po] I hope they do a better job of printing the label. Otherwise the size 6 might say size 66....   

       And then youll feel really fat!
energy guy, Aug 27 2004

       666 X keep away
po, Aug 27 2004


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