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Papal Hamster Wheel

For the pope on the go!
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In the same vain as the papal kickstand, I think that the dome of the Popemobile could be able to be removed, creating a ball for the pope to roll in-- for excercise, transportation, and the entertainment of others.
watermelancholy, Jul 29 2002

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       Stuart Little for Pope!
yamahito, Jul 29 2002

       croissant for yama!   

       (hamster - sp)
po, Jul 29 2002

       Despite being hilarious, I think this is a bit too cruel. The poor bloke is just waiting his retirement package from God. I think he is doing a great job of hanging in till the bitter end. Lets not torture him - the Papal Hamster Wheel would finish him off for sure.
Jinbish, Jul 29 2002

       ('Hampster' is a variant spelling.)
angel, Jul 30 2002

       A Roamin' Catholic.   

       (Thank you, I'm here all week.)
waugsqueke, Jul 30 2002

       Actually, if you had him running in this wheel you could use it to generate power to run the popemobile... saves on gas!
Aurora, Jul 30 2002


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