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Simultaneous literature and astronomy
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Shakespeare plays performed straight by actors in zorbs. The surfaces of the zorbs are printed with maps of the satellites of Uranus named after the characters. This works best for the Tempest and a Midsummer Night's Dream, which have the most moons in them. In the case of the Tempest, Uranus could be the island itself. Other plays could include characters in conventional costumes but with the eponymous one in a zorb, thus increasing the effect. For instance, Othello is performed with just Desdemona in a zorb.
The advantage of this is that it breaks down the barriers between the "Two Cultures" of sciences and humanities. Literature buffs get to learn things about astronomy and astronomy enthusiasts get to appreciate Shakespeare.
nineteenthly, Apr 10 2009

Shakespeare's Support for the new Astronomy http://www.shakespearedigges.org/ox2.htm
"The Heavens themselves, the Planets, and this center [the Earth], observe degree, priority, and place." [csea, Apr 10 2009]

Zorbing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zorb
Apparently also known as "sphereing" [nineteenthly, Apr 10 2009]


       <gives [+] and backs away slowly...>   

       [edit:] <apologies>...
"Is this Uranus I see before me ?..."
FlyingToaster, Apr 10 2009

       [Up_on], a zorb is a plastic sphere large enough to contain a human, and is used in a "sport" somewhat akin to bungee jumping where people get into them and roll them down hills and so on. I'll link to a Wikipedia article in a sec.
nineteenthly, Apr 10 2009

       Now a play can really go downhill fast. [+]
halffinity, Apr 11 2009

       Ohhh yess change the name to "Shakespeare-In-A-Sphere" and I'd vote for it.
blissmiss, Apr 12 2009

       There you go, [blissmiss]. "Globe Theatre" would be another one.
nineteenthly, Apr 12 2009

       Gracias amego.
blissmiss, Apr 12 2009

       What was it before?

       It was "Zorb Shakespeare", which was just some blah that came off the top of my head. Completely unlike the body of the idea of course.
No problem, [blissmiss]. Does this now mean i can bun my own idea because i like your title?
nineteenthly, Apr 12 2009

       Fickle today I am. Globe Theater/Theatre is starting to sound good too.
blissmiss, Apr 12 2009

       Hmm. Well, there is a messy solution where i just call it everything mushed together, but i choose to be decisive and leave it as it is.
nineteenthly, Apr 12 2009

       + thee likes thou idea!
xandram, Apr 13 2009

       Sp.: It liketh thee. Thanks though.
nineteenthly, Apr 13 2009

       That's good, [bigsleep], i like that. It makes me wonder if concentric spheres should be involved representing both different layers of personal space, and if it could be applied to non-Shakespearean stuff, representing the Ptolemaic system.
nineteenthly, Apr 14 2009

       Bun if Patrick Moore gets to be Sir Toby Belch.   

       Brian Cox as Malvolio?
coprocephalous, Apr 14 2009


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