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Website connects people for newspaper exchange.
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I did a search and found a similar idea, the Newspaper Exchange Rack. I decided to post PaperSwap,com because I think it solves a related but different problem than the N.E.R.

Having a perpetually existing stack of newspapers in the house is a fact of life for a lot of people, myself included. How about a website which would facilitate newspaper recycling or exchange between people in the same area. Somebody who reads the paper in the morning could give theirs to someone who reads at night, or people could trade different papers. Other literature like books and magazines could also possibly be traded/recycled.

MrColcannon, May 07 2005

Only vaguely related... UnLocal_20Paper
[normzone, Apr 04 2016]


       We have that, it's called 'the coffee shop'.   

       Just kidding, it's the library.
reensure, May 07 2005

       reading an already read newspaper is like dining from the leftover scraps of the patrons sitting at the next table. shame on you.
benfrost, May 07 2005

       Ah, yes, we *really, really* need some complicated mechanism to save people the expense of making a 50¢ to $1 purchase. Not.   

       (And websites for swapping books already exist.)
DrCurry, May 07 2005

       Yeah websites for swapping research papers already exist too.
10clock, May 08 2005

       That idea is well-baked in the men's room stall where I work, although I think that just started out of laziness or forgetfulness.
kevinthenerd, May 29 2011

       You work in a mens room stall? Gosh, I thought cubicles were bad, but that really takes the cake.
mouseposture, May 29 2011

       Titletrader.com or paperbackswap.com. exist for books.   

       Some local coffee shops do newspapers. A drive thru shop next to a scrap paper dealer would be ideal.   

       And near an airport/train/bus station, so the out of town papers show up regularly.
popbottle, Apr 03 2016

       This happens with the Metro (free newspaper) on transit vehicles. No website to facilitate it. I have considered putting another numeric display on the front of each bus to say how many copies of today's Metro are aboard.
notexactly, Apr 07 2016


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