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Spectator Involved Sports

Hit your least favorite player with a rock
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Now I know a lot of you are going to talk about hockey games, soccer, and rugby and say that this idea is baked (since people throw darts already) but I'm talking about actually ALLOWING the crowd to somehow participate in the sport. Maybe people on opposite sides of the field can pull a trip wire at random times, throw a few extra tennis balls out during a match (just like pinball!), and push a golfer down a bottomless pit straight to hell. The possibilities are endless.
AfroAssault, Jun 04 2001


       Peter Sealy, right on time. I was getting worried
AfroAssault, Jun 04 2001

       Whats to stop us from putting out landmines during NASCAR, or letting the Robot Wars bots come out during a baseball or cricket game. Probably make the games a lot more interesting. 1 spectator-spit-in baked good coming your way.
DemolitionMan, Mar 02 2003

       Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore! Fore!
thumbwax, Mar 03 2003

       All those fores... that's, like, 28!
AfroAssault, Apr 26 2005

       TheatreSports is somewhat like this... however it really isn't a sport...
Cedar Park, Apr 27 2005


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