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Pareidolia Photocopier

*BONG* Jesus spotted in Q2 breakdown *BONG*
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A photocopier, yes, but this model makes use of a double-glazed copying plate, between the sheets of which lies a sprinkling of iron filings. These iron filings can, using either the built in etcha-sketch mechanism controlled magnet or whichever of your jewel-encrusted magnetic Sceptres of Power you happen to have with you each given day, be moved and positioned just so, so that copy documents feature faintly discernible occurrences of patterns, pentangles, your grinning, gurning face u.s.w., to engender unease or cheer, depending.
calum, Jun 25 2008


       For some (worrying) reason I keep reading this as paedophile copier... A most excellent idea +
xenzag, Jun 25 2008

       for some (worrying) reason I keep thinking of office party photocopier antics...
po, Jun 25 2008

       + faintly discernible shape of a croissant appearing...
xandram, Jun 25 2008

       The shred of Turin.   


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