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Photocopier cleaner

Like you clean a CD or floppy drive
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Photocopiers get full of dust. Then the wheels don't grip like before and they jam up.

So what they need is a few sheets of special paper which can attract dust, but not stick to the rolls or heater.

I see there are duster cloths that use micro-fibres to do a similar job. So maybe this technology could be used.

Ling, Dec 23 2005

Printer cleaning page http://www.laserpage.com/cleankit.htm
Is this what you're looking for? [NoOneYouKnow, Dec 23 2005]


       Handy tip: Box the copier (they make less noise then too) and carefully vacuum-clean each sheet before putting it in.   

       Also, try to store the photocopier/printer paper that you're about to use as close to the machine as possible.
Dub, Dec 23 2005

       I've just discovered my printer has a self-cleaning button. no idea how it works though.   

       I'd love to meet the cackling genius who devises the mechanics of these things and ensures that that weeny bit of torn paper is just out of reach of any little door you are allowed to pull open. its a bit like a mad mechanics advent calendar.
po, Dec 23 2005

       [po] I think they work by 'blowing' more ink through the jets... as a pleasant side effect for the printer manufacturers, it also wastes as much ink as possible.
Dub, Dec 23 2005

       Don't such "cleaning pages" already exist? (See link for an example of one.)
NoOneYouKnow, Dec 23 2005

       where does that ink go then? no paper was going through the printer when that cleaning operation took place.
po, Dec 23 2005

       Some have a sponge in them to soak it up. Some of it evaporates.   

       (I was just trying to find a cartoon which had what happens to a printer when you run out of paper)
Dub, Dec 23 2005

       [noOneYouKnow], erm, maybe?   

       I've never seen them before, but I should think they would work in photocopiers, too. Especially the newer types which use laser printers/scanners.   

       Thanks for the link.
Ling, Dec 23 2005

       // Thanks for the link. //
reensure, Dec 23 2005


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