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handwriting-changing photocopier

makes it look like you wrote the document
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Perfect for cheats of all ages, and esp. students who can't be bothered to copy someone else's assignment by hand(never mind actually doing the assignment themselves).

This photocopier would - by some very cunning software indeed- be able to understand the content of printed/handwritten pages and then re-write in in your own handwriting/ink colour. An even smarter version would be able re-write key phrases in your own special style.

slancaster, May 25 2001

(?) Custom handwriting font http://www.execpc.com/~adw/
This provides a big chunk of what you need. [TickleMeElmo, May 25 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Scan, OCR, print in different font.
angel, May 25 2001

       Not just any font, your own handwriting font. See link.
TickleMeElmo, May 25 2001

       Could be useful for stalkers too. You could send letters to a celebrity in their own handwriting, and then you can claim that they were sending them to themselves as publicity for their latest film/record/tofu cookbook in the subsequent courtcase. I don't speak from experience mind...
Bedford Van, May 25 2001

       Like students haven't been copying each other's assignments before photocopiers were but a Hershey bar in Chester F. Carlson's back pocket?   

       Tutors and teachers aren't completely illiterate. If we read the same content twice, we know, even if it's in a different handwriting.
jutta, May 26 2001

       I've had many a (I've never copied anyone else's work, mind you) slacker copy my papers back in Middle school and the teachers never found out. They weren't too bright though.
salmon, May 31 2001

       Copying another's work doesn't always involve cheating. I often have to photocopy a classmate's notes (after missing a class). It would be great if I could put it back into my own handwriting rather than keep their illegible style. However, if I can't read it, how will the software?
wannalearn, Feb 20 2002


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