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Parent nanny

The flip side of "nanny' software
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There's plenty of nanny software out there, offering to monitor CHILDREN using computers, but I couldn't find any sites offering to children, software that nannys PARENTS' use of computers.
rayfo, Oct 12 2001

Alert from Red Hat http://www.redhat.c...cenow/article2.html
[sdm, Oct 12 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       And what would the Parent Nanny suggest or forbid?
hello_c, Oct 12 2001

       Baked. (Australian) Senator Brian Harradine. Did you know that the first Australian web site to be banned under draconian laws enacted essentially by that stupid geriatric fuck was "teenager.com". Such was the effectiveness of his pointless legislation, that the site was up again and accessible within hours of being taken off an Aussie ISP.   

       And I believe in the US, you have your own Senator Fritz Hollings who wants to put policeware in all communications devices [see link]. Failure to comply will result in $500,000 fines or 5 years in the slammer.
sdm, Oct 13 2001

       I was acting the fool of course, thinking, "What would happen if children could have the power to censor their parents' viewing", not of ADULTS having power to censor other ADULTS ... but I'll delete if I get many more negatives.   

       But do note the rapidly growing power "children" are exerting over adults e.g. in making discretionary expenditure decisions, and in most divorce courts where they are treated as consultants, not baggage as was once often the case.
rayfo, Oct 13 2001

       Almost baked: peacefire.org exists to help children gain control over nannying software their parents might have installed. Peacefire (who I seem to link to 5 times a day) are opposed to all forms of nannying, but once you've followed their schemes to hack nanny software, I guess you could make "subtle" changes. Although, most nannying software's going to block large amounts of what *anyone* wants to read, so it's baked to that extent, also.   

       I'm also pretty certain, there must be some parents with so little computer knowledge they have to ask their kids to install Net Nanny anyway.
pottedstu, Oct 13 2001


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